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Computer security, cyber security, and cloud computing security are critical topics when it comes to how data is collected, processed, kept or transferred securely without falling into the wrong hands. Since introduction of internet, security has been a topic of concern among scholars, security experts, governments, and internet users.

Initially, internet was designed to be used by the military which means that security was an integral part. Today, internet powers 90% of our communication, industries, and other institutions of key importance to our day to day living. With this expansion, a high number of criminals have come up with their key goal being terrorizing internet users.

According to google, thousands of websites and mobile application servers are hacked daily. In fact, we are living in an era where police and other law enforcing agencies have to be trained more regularly to combat cyber terrorism rather than fight the traditional crimes.

Cyber terrorism is a form of crime that is planned and executed through the use of modern technologies and devices. Computers and the internet are the main resources that terrorists use to coordinate and implement the cyber-attacks. Similar to other types of crime, cyber terrorism results to loss of lives, destruction of property, and intimidation. In the computing world, the concepts includes aspects of hacking, phishing, and use of computer viruses and malware to disrupt the functioning of systems and networks.

The crime has been attributed to increased cases of fraud and identity theft where terrorists use technology to steal credit card details and other personal information. Cyber terrorism has also been linked to the terrorist activities especially through the use of phones, social media networks, computers and other modern technologies to recruit new members to the organizations and plan the execution of the attacks. Notably, majority of al-Qaida and ISIS attacks are organized and financed through online platforms and networks. Further studies have identified cyber terrorism as a compound process that incudes spread of propaganda, training, financing, recruitment, planning and execution of cyber-attacks.

Blakemore and Awan point out that the use of cyber space is emphasized in the understanding of this type of terrorism where computer and mobile technologies are used to target individuals, aviation industries, companies, and maritime navigation systems. The prevention and control of cyber terrorism includes the criminalization of all activities that are identified as cyber-attacks.

The regional and international political and security blocs have concerted their efforts in taking down organizations and individuals identified to lead the financing and perpetrating the acts of cyber terrorism. However, the continued use of new technologies by individuals and organizations will continue to provide more opportunities and avenues for cyber terrorism attacks.

Need a cyber security research paper topic instead? Here are some of the most popular and interesting cyber security topics for research papers, essays, and term papers.

30+ Popular Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

  1. Data loss and reconstruction in wireless sensor networks,
  2. Digital security and privacy,
  3. Firewall and how it prevents network attack,
  4. Online Blackmailing and porn threats,
  5. Computer forensics,
  6. Mobile digital forensics,
  7. Cyber crime laws in the United States,
  8. Password strategies,
  9. Device synchronisation and data security,
  10. Research on popular vulnerabilities,
  11. Unit testing for python website,
  12. Pros and cons of application testing,
  13. Writing unit tests in python,
  14. Importance of updating computer software,
  15. Recovering from computer or web application hack,
  16. Causes of cyber terrorism,
  17. Biometrics in cyber crime prevention,
  18. Computer bots and cyber security,
  19. Research on unified user profiles,
  20. Cookies and privacy settings in cyber security,
  21. Case study on network intrusion,
  22. Google’s policy on cyber crimes,
  23. Dark Web’s contribution to increase in cyber crimes,
  24. Are traditional forensics methods effective in combating cyber crimes?
  25.  Discuss encryption and its application in designing secure web applications,
  26. Securing a home network,
  27. Design an secure ethernet and discuss all the security features that can stop hack attack,
  28. Safe computing practices,
  29. Online scams and how to prevent them,
  30. Malware and virus encryption
  31. Cyber-stalking,
  32. Avoiding fake access points through hotspots,
  33. Data leakage by using third part apps,
  34. Smart devices and security,
  35. IoT Security

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