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ICASE Assignment

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) is a private not-for-profit hospital, and one of the largest and most comprehensive medical facilities in West Central Florida. It provides high-quality health care services for patients. They have a wide range of medical, counseling, prevention, and wellness services to help patients remain healthy and succeed academically.
To serve patients more effectively, TGH wants to develop new software system applications that are more user friendly. The goal is to allow patients to perform some tasks online such as creating profiles, updating profiles, booking appointments, and completing pre-requisite work. Pre-requisite work includes collecting basic patient details like height, weight, reactions, allergies, etc. This will minimize TGH staff time in handling appointment calls as well as time required for actual appointments paperwork. TGH employees will also need new software interfaces to manage patient profiles and appointment calendars.
For your ICASE assignment, you are asked to assist TGH in the requirements gathering and initial design of the updated software system. Focus on the basic patient functions of entering and updating their profiles, booking appointments, and completing a current health questionnaire before each appointment. Consider the important quality issues such as security and data integrity. Use your creative imagination and experience with health care systems to perform an initial description of the desired system with the following UML diagrams:
 Create and refine the requirements for the system using Use Case analysis to describe the functionality of the proposed system in terms of relevant actors and their goals.
 Design the relevant Class Diagrams to represent the conceptual data modeling of the system discussed above.
 Analyze and design State Chart Diagrams to represent a selected series of events involved in the proposed workflow system for at least one of the required functions. Note that there are multiple stakeholders for this system.
Make assumptions on the problem statement that are reasonable and doable in the time allocated for this assignment. Document your assumptions in your report. Estimated effort on this assignment is 3 to 6 hours depending on your prior experience with ICASE tools and UML. This is an individual assignment to ensure that all students have a hands-on experience with an industrial strength ICASE system.

2. Prerequisites
2.1. Install the ArgoUML on your laptop using the Argo Installation guide on the ArgoUML website.
2.2. Complete the Tutorial. (Download the tutorial from the Course Module section of Canvas).

3. Assignment Submission
Generate a report with the details of your Tampa General Hospital (TGH) Online Services System. You should briefly discuss why you chose the entities, the attributes, the relationships, and the functions that you did. Provide screenshots of the following: (You can also include other screenshots relevant to the report):
 Use Case Diagram.
 Class Diagram (Document the entities, attributes, attribute data types and relationships)
 State Chart Diagram

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